Image – I26R Incubator Shaker
Image – Innova I26 2 stacked_with woman_2
Image – I26R Incubator Shaker
Image – Innova I26 2 stacked_with woman_2

Stackable incubator shaker with optional refrigeration More information

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Product Information

Stackable, incubated I26 and incubated/refrigerated I26R shakers feature cast iron Eppendorf triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive. Microprocessor controls with digital display enable easy operation and accurate setpoint regulation. A large assortment of platforms, clamps, test tube holders and other accessories allow configuration to meet your exact needs. Based on the design concepts of the Innova shakers, the I26 and I26R offer excellent performance at a value price.


  • Slide out platform provides easy access to all samples, including ones located in the back
  • Stack up to 3 units for maximum capacity while taking up minimal space
  • User-friendly keypad with large LED display is clearly visible and easy to set
  • Triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive and cast iron housing provides vibration and trouble free operation for years
  • Versatile accessory platform (sold separately) accommodates flasks up to 2.8 L
  • Provides the ability to calibrate the speed and temperature directly through the keypad
External depth (with lid/door open)125.4 cm (49.4 in)
Timer0.1 – 99.9 h, continuous
Power supply230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H)128.3 × 77 × 70 cm / 50.5 × 30.3 × 27.6 in
Weight w/o accessories186 kg / 410 lb
Temperature rangeAmbient -15 °C to 60 °C
Temperature uniformity±0.25 °C at 37 °C
Available program modes› Constant speed and temperature
› Timed shaking
Drive mechanismTriple-eccentric counterbalanced drive
Benchtop (B), Under Bench (U), Floor (F) or Stackable (S)F, S (x3)
MemoryNon volatile with automatic power failure restart
Motor typeSolid state, DC brushless motor
Platform size76 × 46 cm (30 × 18 in)
Slide-out platformyes
Speed range25 – 400 rpm with 1 unit; 25 – 300 rpm with 2 stacked units; 25 – 250 rpm with 3 stacked units
Orbit2.5 cm (1 in)
Video: I26/I26R – Video – Often Imitated, Never Duplicated