CellXpert® C170

CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170
CellXpert® C170

Looking for a CO2 incubator with a highly uniform atmosphere, fast recovery and effective contamination protection? A device that is easy to clean and use with a high useable volume to footprint ratio?
Let us introduce CellXpert – a new family of Eppendorf CO2 incubators and learn more about the CellXpert C170, the basic version of the C170i … More information

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Product Information

CellXpert – a new family of Eppendorf CO2 incubators

Optimal growth conditions

› Uniform temperature verified at 27 points (German Norm DIN 12880) by multiple temperature sensors and four individually controlled heating circuits
› Fast temperature and CO2 recovery in less than 5 min without overshoot with advanced microprocessor control
› Vibration and turbulence protection with fan-less design

Effective contamination prevention

› 140 °C High Temperature Disinfection (HTD)
› Easy cleaning with seamless chamber, fast disassembling
› Fan-less design
› No internal HEPA-filters that potentially contaminate the chamber after HTD

Save money

› Up to 25 % more usable space with fan-less design
› No internal spare parts that need regular replacement (HEPA-filters, UV-lamps etc.)
› Increased workflow speed for handling and cleaning


  • Up to 25 % more space: Fan-less design, smart racking system and innovative insulation concept
  • Easy to handle: New magnetic door locking concept for outer and inner doors
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection: Seamless chamber, easy disassembling
  • Effective contamination protection: 140 °C High Temperature Disinfection (HTD), no internal HEPA-filters
  • Enhanced vibration and turbulence protection: fan-less design
  • 5-year warranty: Quality made in Germany
 CellXpert® C170
Capacity170 L
Displaystandard display
Power supply220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Weight w/o accessories105 kg
High temperature disinfection (HTD)140 °C standard
Sealed inner glass doorsstandard
Segmented doors1
Temperature control increment±0.1 °C
Temperature stability at 37 °C±0.1 °C
Temperature rangeAmbient +4 °C to 50 °C
Temperature uniformity±0.3 °C
CO2 range0.1 – 20 %
CO2 control increment±0.1 %
CO2 stability at 5 % CO2±0.1 %
CO2 uniformity±0.1 %
Number of shelves (standard/max)3/8
Data export interfaceEthernet, VisioNize® box
Benchtop (B), Under Bench (U), Floor (F) or Stackable (S)B, U, F, S (x2)
Copper package
Access port2
On-board data logging
Water/Humidity monitoring
BMS relaystandard

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